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Financial Advisor Pet Peeves

July 23, 2020

Everyone has circumstances that just rub them the wrong way. A pet peeve can be like rolling around in itching powder, wearing a sack cloth, and then going for a run on a hot day. As a financial advisor, I have accumulated my fair share of pet peeves that I need to get off my…

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Your Retirement Fingerprint

July 16, 2020

Where do Americans go to research life’s most important questions? Most of the time, they go to Google. Regrettably, when you search “when should I take Social Security?”, more than four million pages will pop up. At first glance, you may shake your head thinking, “by the time I read all of these pages, who…

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Compound Interest Combats Discrimination

June 30, 2020

Any educated human being, with a heart, believes discrimination and racism are wrong. After generations, we have all tried to eliminate stupidity and legislate morality, but were we successful? We must remember we live in a sinful world.  In this world, people will justify looting and racist acts, as long as it fits their agenda.…

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A Skeptics View of Annuities

June 21, 2020

If I had 10 annuities across my desk, based on my standards alone I would throw away eight of them. In my opinion, many of these annuities do not stack up against other annuities or other investment vehicles. My belief is that no financial advisor should convince you to hate or love any investment. Every…

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Financial Advisor Red Flags

June 12, 2020

When interviewing a financial advisor, it can be similar to a blind date. You have no idea what to expect and the whole time you are on the lookout for red flags. Remember that when you meet with a financial advisor, you hold all the cards. Be prepared with a list of questions, but be…

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Lazy Money

June 5, 2020

Recently I sat down with a gentleman who said, “Andrew, I have all this lazy money I don’t know what to do with.” Over a decade, I have heard money called several things –but never lazy. He said, “The truck I bought that pulls my work equipment cost more than my house did 20 years…

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The Financial Junk Drawer

May 29, 2020

After a loved one passes and the funeral activities come to an end, the real work for the executor and trustee begin. To simplify the handling of your estate or, should a debilitating illness strike, we recommend our SWAN Binder. Our firm is called SWAN Capital and it is because our mission is to help…

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Helicopter Money Consequences

May 19, 2020

Let’s not be too insensitive here, because many families will be forever affected by COVID-19. Families have lost loved ones, lost jobs and closed down businesses because of this crisis. However, here in America we believe in Capitalism. Capitalism works best when it is left alone. We call this in economics the “Invisible Hand”. Adam…

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Will Your Legacy Be a Benefit or a Burden?

May 11, 2020

There are some things we just don’t like to think about, much less speak about. The truth is, based on your demographic, age and geographic location, the death rate for you hasn’t changed much from a steady, 100% likelihood. You will eventually die. Therefore, the legacy you leave can either simplify the process of dealing…

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What is TWM?

May 2, 2020

What is Total Wealth Management (TWM)? When I was 14, I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad that flipped the switch for me, shedding light on a passion I had that I never knew existed: Personal Finance. Luckily, I had the opportunity to start an internship after school at a local financial firm.…

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Apples Can Fall Far From the Tree

April 22, 2020

According to the Williams Group’s survey of 3,250 families, 70% of wealth transfers fail. The Chinese even have a proverb for this phenomenon: “From rice bowl to rice bowl in three generations”. In other words, wealth without appreciation and gratitude doesn’t last. Here is a list of activities that can help teach your children and…

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My First Dollar

April 14, 2020

Do you remember your first dollar? When our parents handed it to us we spent it in such a flash it may have not left a memory. Now, if I asked you where was the last dollar you spent –you may barely remember that either. Money flows so freely through our hands because it takes…

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