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At SWAN Capital, we believe you should think about your finances less and your retirement more. I named our firm SWAN Capital because it’s our goal to help select families Sleep Well At Night. 

SWAN Capital offers services in these three areas:



Prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work.


Prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work.

  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Wealth Management
  • Annuities
  • Investments
  • IRA/401(k) Rollovers


Protect the assets that can help you live the retirement you've always imagined.


Protect the assets that can help you live the retirement you've always imagined.

  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Life Insurance
  • Tax-Efficient Strategies
  • Long-Term Care Strategies


Provide for the people and causes you care about the most.


Provide for the people and causes you care about the most.

  • IRA Legacy Planning

We can also refer you to professionals who provide the following services:

Estate Planning
Charitable Giving
Tax Planning


Worked with Andrew for last 5 years and always gives me great advice

Dot Lane

Fantastic advice

Jimmy Jones

Outstanding service and professional trusted advice. Thank you Andrew!

David Acuff

Andrew and his team are amazing at helping people and teaching about investments ! He is a great resource and very knowledgeable regarding finances

Lucas Juery

They always keep us up to date with market and the changes we need to make

Bob Meldrim

Great staff! Easy to work with and simply pleasure having them as our advisor

Luana Kirby

Steve & I just had another great meeting with Andrew McNair! He found just the right product to meet our changing needs. We always feel Andrew has our best interest at the forefront of every recommendation he makes! It’s such a good feeling to work with someone who is so knowledgeable about investments and someone we can trust completely! If you are looking for financial management advice, Andrew is the best!!

Shirley Godwin

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew from Swan Capital and discuss how his investment services could benefit us. We have interviewed multiple financial advisors over the past several years and have felt that it was not in our best interest to go with an advisor that did not benefit us. When I say benefit, I mean tell us something we do not know that we need to know. Tell us how you would invest our money and why your way is better. Give us easy access to legal and accounting information from licensed professionals. Listen to our goals and opinions and work with us for us. We feel that we are getting all of this from Swan Capital and Andrew. We are looking forward to working one on one with Andrew for the long term.

Amanda McNorton

In the time leading up to my recent retirement, I attended several seminars given by Andrew and his team concerning investment and retirement strategies. Andrew is knowledgeable, professional, honest, and sincerely cares about his clients. If you are looking for a financial advisor who can guide you through your retirement years then consider Andrew McNair and the team of professional at Swan Capital. You will be pleased with your choice.

Ann Dungan

Andrew and his team are top notch. They take the time to listen and work with you to achieve superior results. Everything they do is to maximize your financial health. We especially like the team concept of having financial planning, estate planning and accounting all under one roof.

Joe Nolan

Ever since leaving the review below, i have received financial educational emails steering in the direction for financial literacy for long term stability. This gesture is appreciated. Many blessings.


Swan Capital is an impressive organization of professionals with a down home family feel. Staff attentiveness –excellent, quality of communication –excellent, level of service –excellent with many other areas also excellent. This is truly a FIVE star company. Thanks


Now years later we make my retirement is seamless, and we are fully enjoying this time in our lives, not worrying, for we are in good hands. Thanks to Andrew and staff :{)

Rob Roque

Andrew and his staff genuinely care about us being financially secure throughout our retirement! They are professional while treating us like family. Andrew and his team are knowledgeable and give us sound financial guidance while patiently addressing our every concern. I am confident that you will find them informative and knowledgeable in every area of your investments.

Greg May

My husband and I met Andrew at one of SWAN Capital's complimentary dinners. After a couple of follow-up meetings we decided to partner with him on our road to retirement. Andrew has proven to be knowledgeable, patient with our questions, and thorough in his setting up a retirement plan for us. His staff has been great and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. We can truly sleep well at night!

Linda Till

Wonderful people that take very good care of their customers.

John Prickett

The entire staff is very professional and treats you like family in my opinion Andrew is very trustworthy!

Nick Giuffre

Love Swan Capital. Andrew and crew do a fantastic job. Ryan's wife makes sweet potato casserole that is the bomb. High five guys.

Rick Driver

The Veterans Benefit Project has been a very big help for us thanks to all the people at Swan capital. I highly recommend the Veterans Benefit Project and Swan Capital. Andrew has been so helpful with my 91 year old mother accounts and she has done very well with SWAN! PS. Thank you so much for the sweet potato casserole.

Sarah and Judy

Andrew addressed all our financial needs and concerns needs and concerns. His knowledge is most impressive! We trust him explicitly! Also, the office is beautiful and the staff is wonderful, seeing two are every need! Couldn't be happier with our decision to go with Swan capital!

Tracy Burkhart

Thank you for your advice

Walter Bracy

If you’re looking for someone to help you in planning your financial future ... Andrew and his Team are professional and very patient In walking you through each step of the way! You will have someone personally working to provide you with a clear direction you are comfortable with. Andrew / Swan Capital ... Thanks to you we Sleep Well At Night!!

Becky Miller

Recently began financial wellness relationship with Andrew and after decades of managing things myself I determined that his philosophies were aligned with mine and his resources exceeded those available to me. His Christianity and resultant influence on decisions are appreciated.

Lance McClure

They really helped us understand our finances

Charles Buzbee

Extremely satisfied and confident in the abilities of Andrew and his team in helping build wealth from my portfolio and my customized retirement plan all helps me Sleep Well At Night!

David Acuff

I have been working with Andrew for a few months. I have been impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. He has helped me get my retirement plan on track. I would highly recommend Swan Capital.

Byron Ross

They always provide us the most updated financial info that is custom to us

Jimmy Jones

We hired Andrew over a year ago and are very happy with the service provided even during these volatile times. Thank you!

Joyce Thomas

I am so grateful for SWAN Capital and Andrew. I appreciate that he is willing to explain his plans thoroughly too. I am at peace with our retirement plans. My husband always says he feels so much better after an appointment. I would have to agree. And, his mother is so friendly to us too. I finally don't worry about our money plans. Thank you.

Lori Glaze

Andrew is great to work with, he takes time to answer all questions no matter how many times you ask the same thing. Very detailed oriented. Makes you feel like family. Highly recommend.

DeAnne Shellenbarger

Swan Capital offers Major League quality at a Minor League price. Andrew and crew offer wide spectrum of investment plans. We feel much more comfortable with our retirement since switching our portfolio to their practice last year.

Ed Perry

This has been the best experience ever with a Financial Planner. Andrew takes care of business so we can sleep well at night. We have the confidence that we are on the right track financially. Smooth and simple!

John Prickett

Swan Capital improves customer service quality by making you feel at home. Andrew and the rest of the team are people whom you can build relationships with. I searched around and visited many investment offices. I liked the family like office atmosphere, I like the fact he is honest and up front with you. He will help you find your goals plus develop a plan to reach or exceed those goals. I have been very please with the his performance in these uncertain times.

Scott Dawkins

We have been using Swan for the last 4 years. I spent so much time on my career that I did little to plan for my retirement. Of course we saved money, had 401ks and real estate, but we had no master plan or direction. Andrew helped us with all of this, including getting our will up to date. Since, I feel very good about our investments and the manner in which they are being managed. I would strongly recommend Swan to my friends and family.

Greg Martin

They gave me great info

Woody Barnes

We really appreciate their help

Gary Sullivan

Customer service is a priority at SWAN Capital - with every member of their staff. My financial plan that they put together for me was clear, met my needs and he was helpful in answering any questions I had. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to create a financial plan for their future!!

Adrianne Duff

I appreciate the comprehensive approach Andrew used assessing my financial needs in retirement and implementing a plan for my saved resources. His expertise in finances has relieved stress I had concerning retirement security. This is all accomplished in a family friendly atmosphere that is very comfortable. I recommended SWAN to anyone contemplating retirement, or as in my case, a retiree wanting to feel financially secure...Sleep Well at Night.

Linda Harris

My husband and I have entrusted our financial well-being to SWAN Capital. We truly are able to “sleep well at night”...knowing that Andrew McNair and team are taking great care of us. As well as offering very professional services, these folks are just plain nice! Andrew works hard to explain finances on a level that we are comfortable with and doesn’t mind us calling with questions about any concerns we may have. Thank you very much for helping us feel comfortable and secure!

Martha Morgan

Andrew McNair has been very helpful in helping us plan for our retirement. We now have all of our documents together and have a peace about our future.

Stephanie Acuff

When it comes to finances, Andrew knows what he is talking about. You can tell that he has a true passion for what he done. He handles everything in a professional and courteous manner. If you are looking for someone to handle your finances, check out Andrew and his team. Thanks again!

Kristen Johnson

When I decided to retire I chose Swan Capital. Why? Well, I had saved during my working years, mostly in 401k's. Then it was time to make it last. I didn't really have the answer of how. After a few meetings with Andrew at SWAN Capital he made what we consider to be a great plan. The vast majority of the money is in safety - my number one concern. He also put a percentage, maybe twenty percent, into more aggressive investments that will rise and fall with the markets with a 7-10 year horizon, but this is needed to help curb inflation. We are very comfortable with the portfolio Andrew put together for us.

Rick LeClair

Andrew is professional, knowledgeable, and very enthusiastic about taking care of your finances. He truly knows what he is talking about. He doesn't simply give you advice, he backs it up with easy to understand explanations along with drawings and tables. You will feel well taken care of in this office by the support staff as well. I highly recommend Swan Capital!

Kathleen Beecher

Our Adviser is very trustworthy and knowledgeable plus works with our goals to help us plan for a comfortable future for both ourselves and other family members.

Raquel Spiegel

Swan Capital has truly help me with my money. I would recommend anyone to come and see Andrew. He is very reliable and very knowledgeable about your money. I would give him and his staff a 5 star rating.

Dot Lane

Andrew and his staff at SWAN capital are in my opinion the best retirement income planning professionals in pensacola. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional retirement income planning professional.

David Henson

Andrew is enthusiastic and focused on helping his clients achieve their financial goals for retirement. I highly recommend his approach and program. He is genuine in his desire to help them Sleep Well At Night.

William Fullerton

I am truly impress with the services Andrew and his staff have provided my wife and I. Retirement is new to us and Andrew has helped us by showing us the path best for our future and allowed us to
"Sleep Well At Night". By the way, I just recently learned that is what SWAN stands for. And we do!
The office is well staffed, They have an Attorney right on the premises who helped us get our act together after years of procrastination.

Attorney Scott Malleck, handled our Estate Planing and prepared our Living Will. Mr. Malleck also did a wonderful job and highly recommend both of these Professionals.

Michael DeGiacomo

We are blessed to find great friends that really treat you like family that will help you.

Cheryl Merritt

Andrew is a true professional and is extremely well versed in the world of
finance. It feels good to know someone with his caring attitude and outstanding knowledge is safeguarding our financial future. Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for peace of mind.

Terri Merrick

SWAN Capital has been amazing! Andrew and his staff work closely with you and make sure your taken care of just like family. I highly recommend using their services!

Laura Townsend

Great staff! Easy to work with and simply pleasure having them as our advisor

Luana Kirby

Andrew is a top notch advisor that has answered our questions thoroughly and has went above and beyond to further explain so we have a better understanding of our retirement plan

Tyler Pittman

Would recommend them to anyone. They all have been so helpful to us.

Teresa Brewer

Outstanding advice and counsel with expert understanding of markets

Bob Meldrim

Andrew McNair is a professionally impressive and caring young man that inspires confidence always. And we feel especially grateful that he is an important part of our lives.

Carol Pursell

Professional. Always have your best interests at heart. Treat clients like family. Very happy with results.

Bob Velarde

Love dealing with Swan Capital. Treats us like family and truly cares about their customers.

Barbara Kempton

Andrew and his team are great. They make you feel like part of the family from the day you walk in the door. The atmosphere is so comfortable to discuss your financial future, which can be so confusing. No matter how many questions I ask I never feel like it was a dumb question. The staff is top notch if you have any questions or need anything they will make it happen!

Susie Welhaven

While searching for a financial planner (our first), I came across Andrew McNair. I did some homework on him and felt at peace choosing him for our adviser. It’s a little scary turning over your finances to a stranger, but after working with him and his staff at Swan Capital, we know they are the perfect fit for us. My wife and I will meet Andrew for the first time in April, can’t wait.

Tom Goodenough

Truly a total team of professionals. You are part of the family and friends when you become a client. Lots of fun events, and always fully engaged with your best interests at heart. When you succeed they succeed, its a win-win.

Marc Welhaven

Fantastic staff providing superior education for retirement planning and long-term investing. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable, and will work effortlessly to meet your goals! Once you're a client, you are family and are treated as such at each encounter, including the monthly special events hosted by the fine folks at SWAN. If you have questions about investments or retirement, give these folks a call!

Steven Brown

Great place to do business. Very sincere, hard-working people. Definitely customer oriented and has an "at home" feel.

Cristy Morawski

SWAN Capital is concerned about your personal financial security, and tailor an investment strategy for your particular goals. I highly recommend SWAN Capital!

Tim Rott

I am one of his first clients and he and his entire staff are outstanding

Nick Kirby

Andrew and staff are great to work with. Friendly extremely knowledgeable on investments. Have great knowledge regarding veterans benefits. Home town people with down to earth advice and explanations! Glad I used them for my retirement investments!

Steve Godwin

We were looking for a financial planner to help us with retirement. We knew Andrew was the person for the job after our first meeting with him. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he truly wants the best for you. It doesn't end there, as he hosts activities several times a year for his clients, giving them the opportunity to learn more about him and his staff. You owe it to yourself to give him a chance to show you what he can do to help you with your retirement!!

Tammy B

SWAN is a very knowledgeable and courteous company, that my husband and I have worked with, on many Financial products through the years. I would recommend Andrew McNair and staff for your financial needs.

Jeanne Epley

Andrew and his team have been easy to work with and have always demonstrated a high level of professionalism. From the beginning I have felt like his team has my families best interest at heart. I do appreciate that I was also able to have a complete one stop shop for all our needs...being able to get our much needed will/trust completed by Scott. It just seemed I could never find the time or inclination to do that daunting task but the process was made simple as well as painless.

Patricia Dwiggins-Harrison

Knowledgeable, helpful and personable. We are glad we chose Swan Capital.

Cheryl Ezell

Everybody at Swan Capital is very helpful and caring. They are the BEST😃

Joy Brinkman

The Swan Capital staff is an amazing group to work with! I am so glad that I came in contact with them a few years ago!

Natalie Smith

We are totally invested with Swan capital and are very impressed with the company itself Andrew has really opened our eyes to what you can do with your money if you have someone who knows what to do with your money thanks a lot Andrew, you're the best.

Joanne Nicholson

Outstanding Company! I “Sleep Well At Night” knowing my financial foundation, walls and roof are where they should be and growing. Thank you Andrew and your amazing team!

David Acuff

Andrew has done an excellent job helping us put our portfolio together. We now have peace of mind about our retirement.

Stefanie Acuff

Andrew is excellent at explaining all aspects of your investment plan. He and his staff are committed to quality service. I always feel welcomed and never rushed. I sleep much better at night knowing I'm in such capable hands.

Janis Gilmore

Andrew is great at explaining how best to save for retirement, he treats you with with respect. I feel we are better prepared for the future!

Paula Johnson

Trustworthy and competent advice

Dot Lane

Andrew McNair is highly qualified and extremely attentive to his customer needs and desires.

Bob Meldrim

Andrew is always responsive in answering my questions

Jimmy Jones

We have been entrusted our retirement plan and savings to Swan Capital. The professionalism and competence of Andrew McNair and the team at Swan are the best!

Karen Mannon

As I near retirement, my husband and I feel that the extensive services Swan Capital provides are essential to our planning. They not only offer investment advice, but have an in-house elder care attorney for the necessary legal documents.

I can’t say enough about Swan’s commitment to outstanding customer service. At each one on one meeting they demonstrate their determination to keep their client’s best interest at heart. As a fiduciary, Andrew McNair is bound by law to act in his client’s best interest and he does! As Andrew helps you toward your financial goals, he keeps YOUR retirement goals in mind.

We believe that with their guidance our transition to full retirement will be very fulfilling, financially secure and exciting. Andrew is not a high pressure advisor, and I would highly recommend an initial meeting, which is at no charge!

Brooke Brantley

Excellent financial planning services, very professional, great client services!

Cushman Phillips

We definitely recommend Swan Capital! We feel we are given a very clear, and realistic view of our retirement plans. In addition, we feel the entire staff personally cares about us as individuals, and our goals. Their customer service is tops! Andrew McNair and his team go above and beyond to make every visit and experience excellent!

Bob Bradshaw

Consider using SWAN Capital if you want a company that will serve your best interests allowing you to Sleep Well At Night. They have an inhouse attorney to see to your legal documents, including a will to plan for those who mean the most to you. Don't spend lots of your assets on fees for the ones who manage your accounts. Look into this company- you will find the right people to manage your wealth. This sounds like an advertisement instead of a review, but I like them that much!

Chris King

Great staff! It's easy and simply a pleasure working with them

Luana Kirby

They’re great and pleasant to work with!

Nick Kirby

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