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So, you think you can’t afford to tithe? As a financial adviser, I have had so many clients say they just can’t afford to take 10 percent out of their income. And I’ve heard all the excuses.

This guide is has two main purposes:

  1. To give you encouragement and help you see the benefits of tithing.
  2. To show you an easy way to make tithing a part of your life without putting you in the poor house.

My walk with the Lord has never been the same since the day I chose to tithe and I want to show you how to tithe through my living testimony. I pray this book is a blessing to you and your family.

“Tithe: A Living Testimony”
by Andrew McNair

“Don't Be Penny Wise &
Dollar Foolish”
By Andrew McNair

Our world is filled with myths about money and retirement planning that are confining people to their utmost financial potential. "Don't Be Penny Wise & Dollar Foolish" by Andrew McNair candidly discredits common financial misconceptions and imprudent institutions.

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