Compound Interest Combats Discrimination

Any educated human being, with a heart, believes discrimination and racism are wrong. After generations, we have all tried to eliminate stupidity and legislate morality, but were we successful? We must remember we live in a sinful world.  In this world, people will justify looting and racist acts, as long as it fits their agenda. All acts of discrimination are issues of the heart, these issues cannot be fixed by human hands alone.

If you have ever been discriminated against because of your sex, occupation, color, religion, or sexual orientation, then I want to give you some hope. A hope that can break through any glass ceiling and is impervious to dirty looks and callous whispers. Our hope, as a society, is that discipline and grit will always beat racism and discrimination.

In the graph below, I demonstrate how saving 20% of your income can lead you to greater success than your colleague who earns more and only saves 10% or less of their income. Over time, despite discriminatory policies in your workplace, your frugality will overcome that discrimination. Compound interest will fight the good fight for you. The next time you feel angry about things outside of your control, use that discrimination as a positive catalyst to work harder and save more.

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